Lush castle

Name: Analeise, Capital of Ildaara from WY2051 – Present.
Government: Monarchy
Religious Factions: Kord, Pelor, Elhonna and Yandalla.
Guild Factions: The Black Ravens, Thieves’ Guild, and the Dawnbreak Bardic College.
Major Inn: The Water Lily, est. Y2225.

Public Relations:
Kanas Empire: Bad.
Southern Nomadic Tribes: Good.
Goldaran Nation: Fair.
Westerwood Kingdom of the Elves: Poor.

Analeise was founded in the World Year 1796 (WY1796), or Y1 of the Analesian Calender. Before it was built into a city it had been a center of commerce and trade for the nomadic people of the Ildaaran continent. Many of Analeise’s peerage roots are actually descendants of high-ranking nomadic families that eventually settled and made their homes on the exact site where the city stands. Located on a bed of fertile ground and wedged right into the center of a river system, Analeise has enjoyed fertile crops and widespread trade since her foundation. To the west and north of her lies deep forest, much of which was torn down during construction during the early years of the Capital’s beginning. Far to the north and west lies the Great Sea, which crashes into the rocky cliffs of the continent. These cliffs gradually slope down and taper off into grassland.

In Y401 the Cataclysm hit, destroying most of Analeise’s much-enjoyed fertile landscape and forest, drying up the rivers and ruining the trade routes. The economy plummeted, sending Analeise into a hardship that would last over fifty years.


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