Longbow fighter.


Black Hair; Brown Eyes; Dull Skin

Level 3 Human Fighter: 5,047 exp

Strength 11 AC 13 Light Load 38
Dexterity 16 Flat Footed 10 Medium Load 76
Constitution 10 Touch 13 Heavy Load 115
Intelligence 14 Max HP 18 Lift Over Head 115
Wisdom 16 Current HP 14 Lift off Ground 230
Charisma 8 Initiative +3 Push or Drag 575
Fortitude +3 Base Attack Bonus +3
Reflex +4 Grapple Modifier +3
Will +4 Base Speed 30 feet
Skill Total Mod Ranks Misc Modifiers
Climb +4 4 0
Craft (Bowmaking) +8 6 0
Diplomacy +0 1 0
Jump +5 5 0
Spot +6 3 0
Survival +5 2 0
Swim +3 3 0
Languages: Common, Dwarven, Pidgeon Infernal

Point Blank Shot (Character Level 1): +1 on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at less than 30 feet.
Precise Shot (Human Level 1): No penalty on ranged attacks into melee combat.
Far Shot (Fighter Level 1): Increase Range Increment by +50% (projectile weapons) or +100% (thrown).
Rapid Shot (Fighter Level 2): In a full attack action, make an extra attack at highest base attack bonus, but all attacks in the round suffer a -2 penalty.
Dodge (Character Level 3): Select 1 opponent on your action. You gain a +1 dodge bonus to your AC against attacks made by that opponent for the next round.

Longbow +6 atk crit 20/x3 100 ft +50 ft
bodkins 1d8 p normal normal
crescents 1d8 p+s normal full damage to objects with hardness 5 or less
blunts 1d8 b 50 feet nonlethal damage
snipers 1d6 p 100 feet 1/2 penalty per range increment
Heward’s Handy Haversack Cure Light Tiles x2 shafts x10
Backpack Composite Longbow x0 bodkins x40
Flint & Steel Longbow x2 blunts x15 +1 Flame
Bedroll Composite Shortbow x0 crescents x0
4x Candles Shortbow x0 snipers x0
Waterskin unfletched blunts x0
Artisans Tools Fletching feathers x54
Trail Rations x7 Bodkin heads x9
Longbow shafts x39 142g, 69s, 6c

Valdar is a Human from the area around Analise. He works as a mercenary, bowyer and arrowsmith.

Valdar was born in the outskirts of Analise, about 31 years into the Cataclysm. At the time his parents were refugees from an unknown afflicted area to the South. They both died sometime soon after his birth, so he has no memory of them. Valdar was picked up by a bowyer named Luthra, and he raised him, teaching him to make bows from an early age. Later, Valdar did a stint as an apprentice to a fletcher, so he learned to make both the bow and its deadly messengers. Valdar considers Luthra his father no more than Luthra considers Valdar his son, although Valdar is quite grateful to him for raising him and teaching him his craft and he does keep in touch periodically. Luthra was the one who gave Valdar his name, after a good friend long since deceased by the Rot.

Upon reaching maturity, Valdar pursued a career as a mercenary, while running a side business making bows and arrows. He primarily makes bodkin-tipped bobtailed arrows, but he’ll make others as well, early on experimenting with types he calls ‘knocker’ (blunt), ‘crescent’ (serpentstongue) and ‘sniper’ (swiftwing), which he now produces. Experiments with incendiary types have thus far been unsuccessful. Valdar’s mercenary exploits have thus far mostly remained in fairly close proximity to Analise, though he has been as far as Kor in the mountains to the East.

Valdar usually works for food, lodging or materials to pursue his craft with. He’ll trade time on a forge for a portion of the arrowheads he makes. He won’t say ‘no’ to working for cash, but it is more convenient for him to just barter.

Valdar does not hold much of a grudge against anyone or anything. He considers the Cataclysm to be quite annoying, but he is of the opinion that it’s not really anybody in particular’s fault, putting him in a minority. He doesn’t think that the Tieflings are the source of the problem, though he does envy their immunity to it. He has two reasons for this belief. First, that he doesn’t think that something like this could be engineered by someone, even if it was a whole race. Maybe a god. Second, if it was, he feels confident that someone would have figured it out after five decades and come up with a counter. If someone can prove it to be otherwise, he’ll hop on the anti-Tiefling bandwagon, but until then he’s not about to go around pointing fingers.

The discovery and exploration of the underground city was pretty awe-inspiring for Valdar. He had some concern over the grave-robbing trio, but they didn’t warrant much thought until later events made them seem more relevant. At the time, Valdar was only concerned with the mission he was hired to do.

The recent shakeup in Analeise has left Valdar a bit unsure of things. Although he didn’t feel much of a personal attachment to the Queen, having been raised in Analeise he was used to the relative stability that her reign had afforded the city. It was probably that, more than their thinly veiled orders, that prompted him to agree to work with the Black Ravens. The fact that they seemed to have a habit of making fun of Lyle didn’t hurt, either…

The revelation that the Queen was actually alive made Valdar more confused than anything. He’d like to find out just who these guys are, but this isn’t really his usual line of work, so he’s hesitant to just jump in.

Meeting the White Witch was quite the experience. Valdar didn’t follow everything, but the possibility of ending the Rot quickly grabbed his attention. With the most enthusiasm he likely ever had, he quickly agreed to go in search of these shrines. He was quite impressed with the Witch’s arsenal, and went over her collection of bows, taking notes on ideas for his own craft. He also took the time to replenish his stock of arrows, despite an interrupt from a small bit of water on the floor…

Upon leaving the tower, Valdar was not amused to see a horde of enemies approaching. Valdar was surprised that some of the others wanted to simply flee (well, not surprised at the halfling), since he considered that bad manners. When they attacked, he initially targeted the leader, but the man was too nimble for him to hit. Valdar also suspected that his bow might have been damaged in the water incident the day before, and made a mental note to begin working on a new one. He switched to picking off the minions, while Alan & Tirnen finished off the leader. What would the enemy do now that their leader was gone? Valdar waited with drawn bow.

Party Dynamics
Lyle: I’m not sure what to make of Lyle. He seems to have some skill to be sure, but he’s not much use in a fight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the halfling got us into trouble, or killed, some day.
Arula & Kaelan: I like Arula’s snarky attitude; it’s refreshing after the usual doom and gloom that most people have around Analeise. Both she and Kaelan have proven themselves useful, and I do not mind working with either.
Tirnen: As to what he is, I have no idea. However, Tirnen is something new, and my curiosity seems to have gotten the better of me in this instance. We also seem to be the only ones that I know of that don’t blame the Tieflings for the Cataclysm.
Kalinda: Not much to say, yet. A bit suspicious, since we picked her up in “enemy” territory, but we’ll give her a chance. She’s quite the go-getter, rather devoted to Pelor. Also has quite the interesting combat style.
Alan: Seems to be a good sort, and I’ve got to give him serious credit for sticking to his principles of not killing as much as possible in this day and age.
Aidan: Seemed reliable, but apparently ditched us when those spiders showed up…
Kira: He was right behind us when we went into the underground city, right? Maybe he got buried in the cave-in?


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